The OMPodcast – The App that’s not on a Phone

Episode 21 of the OMPodcast is now available - Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

This week we talk about the app that no one can see. Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) is joined by Branko Minic (Android/Middleware Developer), Jerram Watters (Middleware Developer), and Alex Gvozdik (Android/Middleware Developer) to discuss middleware and various server-side definitions. We cover the history and evolution of middleware and the cloud, current offerings you can utilise today and programming languages you can use to write your middleware app. Lastly, we take a look forward and dream about what features we want to see in our next phone purchases.

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2014 Australian Mobile & App Design Award Winners


Outware is pleased to announce that for the second year running, we have won the Best Studio award for 20+ employees at the 2014 Australian Mobile & App Design Awards.

In addition to this, two of our apps took out their categories:

We are very proud to have worked on these great apps in partnership with our clients and would like to congratulate the teams on all their hard work. This is great recognition by the wider industry of the quality and vision of our work together.

The OMPodcast – Mobile Customisation: A form of Product Emancipation?

Episode 20 of the OMPodcast is now available for download - Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

This week, Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) returns with Pete Talbot (Design Team Lead) to talk to newbies, Alex Barnett (Delivery Manager) and James Litjens (Project Manager), all about mobile customisation. From jailbroken phones to root access and privilege escalations, the crew discuss their experience with tinkering with their devices and what they consider “product emancipation”, as well as the security and legal issues that surround these activities.

2014 Australian Mobile Awards Finalists

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the following apps that Outware developed have become finalists in the 2014 Australian Mobile & App Design Awards:

AFL Live for Pebble:

ANZ Grow:



Better Health Channel

We are incredibly proud of these apps and would like to congratulate the teams who worked on these projects. Please rate our entries by clicking on the links above.

The OMPodcast – Banking Innovation: Art vs Science

v1.19 Peter DaltonEpisode 19 of the OMPodcast is now available - Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

We’re very excited to announce that Peter Dalton (General Manager of Innovation at ANZ) joined Episode 19 of the OMPodcast – Banking Innovation: Art vs Science.

Peter joined Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder), Eytan Lenko (Director/Co-founder) and Pete Talbot (Visual Design Lead), to talk about the role of innovation in the future of banking. The panel discuss how ANZ approaches innovation, the role that technology and mobile plays, and the importance of user-centric design, using Grow and goMoney as examples. They also talk about bitcoin, biometrics and wearables, and the potential for Apple to be a major player in the banking sector.

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The OMPodcast – Commoditised hardware

Episode 18 of the OMPodcast is now available for download - Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

This week, Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder) and Pete Talbot (Visual Design Lead) are joined by returnee special guest, Hugh Bradlow (Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer turned Chief Scientist), and myself, Lucia Vuong (Marketing Manager).

Hugh tells us what being a Chief Scientist at Telstra is all about and we discuss the technology behind connected stadiums, why we don’t get free WIFI, the high cost of data in Australia, and what manufacturers need to do to differentiate themselves as hardware becomes increasingly commoditised.

Coles Mobile Wallet App Launch


We are very excited to announce the launch of the Coles Mobile Wallet app for iPhone and Android. Iconic Australian brand Coles has strengthened its Financial Services arm by being the first retailer in the world to integrate contactless mobile payments with a loyalty card offering.

The team at Outware is thrilled to have been Coles’ mobile design and development partner for this great new product. Our team was responsible for the delivery of the mobile apps, including user interface design, native iOS and Android development, as well as architecture design and development of the middleware system.

The Coles Mobile Wallet app is a quick, secure and simple way for users to collect flybuys points, pay using their Coles credit cards, and manage their accounts on their smartphone.

Watch a video of the Coles Mobile Wallet app in action.

The OMPodcast – Material Design vs iOS 8


This week’s OMPodcast all about Material Design vs iOS 8 is now available for download – Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

Pete Talbot (Design Team Lead) and Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) were joined by Doug Togno (iOS Developer) and George Hartley (UX/BA Team Lead) to introduce you to DotA and the fascinating world of eSports. They then launch into a comparison of Android Material Design and iOS 8, speculating on what the divergence between the two platforms might mean.

To finish off, the crew chat about the latest mobile games they’re addicted to.

The OMPodcast – Google I/O 2014


The OMPodcast - Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

Episode 15 of the OMPodcast is now available for download - v1.15 Google I/O 2014. Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) kicked off this week’s show by welcoming back Pete Talbot (Visual Design Team Lead). Joined by Joel Schmidt (Android Developer) and Pece Nikolovski (iOS Team Lead/Android Developer), the crew discuss announcements from this year’s Google I/O.

Pete introduces us to Material Design, and what this means for both designers and developers. The guys also discuss Polymer, bridging the gap between web and native development, ART (Android runtime), and notifications on the L Preview.

Visualising Cities with Code for Australia

Code for Australia Hack Night 20140618

Last night, Outware hosted the Visualising Cities Hackathon in partnership with Code for Australia.

The aim of the night was to come up with creative and inspiring ideas to solve real world problems using the City of Melbourne’s Open Data Platform. Great ideas will have the opportunity to be presented back to Government for further development.

With over 30 attendees from the wider community, including journalists, government employees, project managers, developers, designers and many others, the event was a great success. Small teams worked together over pizza, beers and snacks throughout the night and presented their ideas back to the group.

Outware is a proud supporter of the wider mobile development community. We believe in fostering a creative and collaborative environment and developing innovative approaches in order to produce great software that empowers people and solves problems.