The Outware Hackathon for Mobile Health was a great success with 17 teams presenting working prototypes to address the 3 key challenges presented by our partners in health:

  1. To build young people’s resilience using digital technologies.
  2. To provide people with rheumatoid disease the ability to monitor and manage their own care arrangements and to quickly share relevant information with clinicians.
  3. To improve access to suitable sport and recreation programs and facilities for people with a disability.

The result was a spectacular array of products including:

  • Uplift – A game that teaches young people a simple and effective breathing exercise to manage stress
  • Threshold – An Apple Watch app for chronic pain management
  • 3 things – An app that uses gratitude to help people build resilience
  • Bump Me – An Android app that uses NFC technology to gamify socialising in person
  • Go Mobile – An Android Wear app that helps people with a disability find appropriate sports and recreational facilities
  • Even a 3D printed heart for a trophy!
  • And many, many more

On the same day, Outware Mobile also held a seminar for our guests all about the current mobile health landscape. We were incredibly fortunate to have three great speakers :

Winners will be announced next next Monday 11 May. Watch this space!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Hackathon or the Mobile Health Seminar, please contact us.

Innovation happens every day and everywhere. Outware was recently featured in Tap into NFC’s Spotlight Blog with our innovative NFC access point to our guest WIFI network.

Problem: No one can ever remember the Guest WIFI password – Why? Because it’s a good, secure password, and as people who work here, we never need to enter it ourselves. So when guests and clients come into the office and need internet access, it’s always a bit of a hassle to try and find someone who can log them in.

Solution: Alex Bird, a project manager at Outware, found a very innovative and elegant way to solve this very problem. Armed with an NFC tag and a 3D printer, he created a simple and elegant NFC WIFI access point for guests and clients to log onto our network with a simple tap. For our iPhone guests, Alex also created a 3D printed QR code that they can simply scan when they come into the office.