With Coles Mobile Wallet winning yet another award, we thought it would be a good time to revisit a podcast we did a few weeks ago.

The process of developing a complex business app from conception to delivery is no simple task. Alessio Bresciani, Senior Digital Strategist and Channel Manager at Coles Financial Services joins Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead), Pete Talbot (Visual Design Lead) and Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder) to take us through the key principles for delivering a successful mobile app, using the Coles Mobile Wallet as an example. The panel discuss the product development process, mobile payments using paytag, contactless payments, and how mobile is changing the way we prove our identity.

Coles Mobile Wallet is the winner of the 2014 Australian Mobile & App Design Awards (Financial Information & Tools) and the 2014 W³ Silver Award for Mobile Applications (Services).

Episode 22 of the OMPodcast is available from – iTunesdirect feed, or direct download.

v1.19 Peter DaltonEpisode 19 of the OMPodcast is now available – Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

We’re very excited to announce that Peter Dalton (General Manager of Innovation at ANZ) joined Episode 19 of the OMPodcast – Banking Innovation: Art vs Science.

Peter joined Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder), Eytan Lenko (Director/Co-founder) and Pete Talbot (Visual Design Lead), to talk about the role of innovation in the future of banking. The panel discuss how ANZ approaches innovation, the role that technology and mobile plays, and the importance of user-centric design, using Grow and goMoney as examples. They also talk about bitcoin, biometrics and wearables, and the potential for Apple to be a major player in the banking sector.

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