2016 has been a huge year for Outware. We’ve moved offices, grown our team, and delivered some amazing new apps that are changing the daily lives of thousands of Australians.

Some of our key achievements this year include:

In addition to all of this, the Outwarians have managed to rack up some pretty impressive stats:

  • 12,857 cups of coffee made with our beloved coffee machine
  • 5,120 slices of pizza consumed
  • 2,496 bottles of beer drunk
  • 2,552,275,500 pixels coloured
  • 71,446 code commits
  • 12 Pre-Development Sprints run
  • 6,750 minutes of usability testing
  • 69 trips between Melbourne and Sydney
  • 478 high-fives in the Sydney office
  • ~330% growth of our Sydney team, from 7 Outwarians to over 30
  • 910 full games of table tennis
  • 359,000 Slack messages
  • Over 1.5 million emails received, and 300,000 sent

2016 will be a hard year to beat, but we can’t wait to see what 2017 has to offer. Wishing you all ‘Appy Holidays’, and all the best for the year ahead!


This October, Outware is proudly sponsoring YOW! Connected, an innovative conference exploring the world of mobile development and Internet of Things. With 32 high-calibre speakers, and topics such as native development for iOS and Android, backend development, the growing market for IoT, UX & design, and reviews of several business case studies, you’ll find lots to learn about and be inspired by.

The conference runs from 5-6 October, at the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne.

Tickets available here.


Feature Image: Stay ahead of the mobile curve

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Outware Breakfast Series to help digital leaders stay ahead of the curve and plan for change in the business of mobile.

Major iOS and Android platform changes and updates are about to be announced at Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC events in May and June. Businesses that are serious about their mobile apps need to take note and start preparing.

The Outware Breakfast Series brings Google I/O and WWDC to you through a business lens. Designed to help digital, online, marketing, mobile and innovation managers understand and plan for the upcoming changes, you will learn about the latest trends in mobile technology and how they will impact your apps. We’ll be sharing heaps of tips, tools and advice on how you can plan a roadmap for change and innovation.

Make the most out of this exciting time and don’t get left behind the mobile curve.


Decorative Feature ImageBreakfast #01: Planning for Change in the Business of Mobile

Tuesday 17 May, Melbourne
The first event of the Outware Breakfast Series will be held right before Google I/O kicks off to help you prepare for the upcoming announcements.

Join us to learn about the most important mobile technology trends for business and how you can leverage these changes to innovate on your apps.

Places are limited. Register Now


Decorative Feature ImageBreakfast #02: The Android Ecosystem

Tuesday 31 May, Melbourne
Held after the announcements from Google I/O, the second event of the Outware Breakfast Series will focus on the Android ecosystem. We will take you through the must have new features as well as show you practical examples of how these can be applied to specific market sectors.

Places are limited. Register Now


Decorative Feature ImageBREAKFAST #03: Leverage Change to Succeed in the Business of Mobile

Tuesday 7 June, Sydney
Learn how major changes and updates in mobile technology will impact your business and your apps. We will present you with practical tips, tools, and advice on how you can plan a roadmap for innovation and change.

Places are limited. Register Now



Decorative Feature ImageThursday 14 July, Melbourne
Held after WWDC, the third event of the Outware Breakfast Series will focus on the iOS platform. We will take you through the essential new features that are available to enhance your iOS app offerings, as well as discuss the impact that platform changes have on mobile as a channel for business.

Registrations Open: Tuesday 21 June