Opal Travel Feature Image

We are very proud to announce the release of Opal Travel 2.0 for Transport for NSW.

Outware Mobile’s vision is to make a difference through creating mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging. Opal Travel 2.0 embodies this vision to its core.

Opal Travel 2.0 is a major overhaul of the original app. The latest version enables customers to manage all their Opal card requirements in a single app. It provides users with an easy to use and intuitive experience, as well as an incredibly useful tool that will make travel on public transport even more convenient and seamless. Opal Travel 2.0 includes a comprehensive feature set, including:

  • Scan card for balance (Android only)/check card balance
  • Top up card/s on the go and never have to queue or manually top up again
  • Check Weekly Travel Reward journey count
  • See travel history
  • Plan the quickest and most convenient trip and estimate the fare
  • Find the nearest Opal retailers to acquire an Opal card or top up
  • Link card/s (such as family members) to the app to top up and view activities (by manual input or by using NFC scanning on Android)

Users can also sign-in to the app to:

  • Activate and block card/s
  • Update personal and billing details
  • Personalise card order

Opal Travel 2.0 also significantly improves the experience for blind and vision-impaired customers by working with both Google TalkBack and Apple VoiceOver screen readers. It also identifies wheelchair accessible services.

Opal Travel is available on the App Store and Google Play.

See our Portfolio for more about Opal Travel 2.0.



Last night, Outware hosted Part 1 of BudgetHack.

By working with the wider community in a user-centered & data-driven approach, BudgetHack is the first time the Victorian Government has partnered with Code for Australia to start a conversation and present ideas and technology solutions that make the budget more accessible and understandable. Well beyond the event, we hope to see the government make data meaningful, and enable the community to better understand the decisions that are made in the budget.

Event partners: Code for Australia, Victorian Government, Outware Mobile, NAB, X-Team & Future Assembly



To present ideas and technology solutions that make the budget more accessible and understandable.



We were incredibly excited to hold our first public event in our new La Trobe Street office. Seeing the breakout area fill out from this:


To this:




With some great opening speeches from Code for Australia, Victorian Government and our very own Director, Gideon Kowadlo, the hackathon kicked off!




Teams came together quickly and started brain storming great ideas about how to make budget data more accessible. There was a great buzz around the room, and the pizza, drinks and chips kept us going well into the evening.




We can’t wait to see all these great innovative ideas come to life in a couple of weeks time when we get back together for Part 2 of BudgetHack @Zendesk.

Great work to everyone and thanks to all the partners and participants who came along!


Sydney Design Awards 2015 - GoldWe’re incredibly proud to announce that ORPA for Transport for NSW has won a Gold Award in the Digital Experience – Mobile category at the 2015 Sydney Design Awards.

ORPA is a beautifully designed Android app that enables Transport Officers to check that customers are travelling using the correct Opal card and paying the correct fare. It replaces a basic utility tool with a delightful and more functional mobile solution.

The app interface is clean and simple, hiding complex processes from the end user, resulting in a quick and easy user experience that is both effective and delightful.

Our vision is to create mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging by working with great clients. This app exemplifies what we try to do every day in our work.

Well done to the entire team that worked on this project and keep up the great work!