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We’re very excited to announce that Peter Dalton (General Manager of Innovation at ANZ) joined Episode 19 of the OMPodcast – Banking Innovation: Art vs Science.

Peter joined Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder), Eytan Lenko (Director/Co-founder) and Pete Talbot (Visual Design Lead), to talk about the role of innovation in the future of banking. The panel discuss how ANZ approaches innovation, the role that technology and mobile plays, and the importance of user-centric design, using Grow and goMoney as examples. They also talk about bitcoin, biometrics and wearables, and the potential for Apple to be a major player in the banking sector.

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Outware is proud to announce that ANZ Grow, a native iOS app designed to bring  banking, investments and super together in one place is now available for download.

Outware has been working with ANZ on Grow since the project’s inception, providing ANZ with technical leadership, iOS development, and project management services.

Outware is an integrated part of the ANZ team, working together in an Agile and collaborative environment to ensure the highest standards are met in terms of quality, security, user experience and innovation.

With the release of Grow, ANZ cements their position as a leader in technology innovation in the banking and finance sector.


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The Outware iOS Devs are EXCITED!

With a couple of hours sleep following Apple’s WWDC Keynote, we jumped on the mics to discuss all the latest in iOS8 and OSX Yosemite. This bleeding edge episode of the OMPodcast is available to download now – v1.12 WWDC 2014.

We split the show into two parts , kicking off with myself, Kent Humphries (iOS Team Lead), Adam Sharp (iOS Dev) and Jean-Etienne Parrot (Swift Dev) to talk about the hardcore development announcements. We speculated on the security and convenience benefits of TouchIDKit and CloudKit before sharing our excitement over Apple’s brand new Programming Language, Swift.

For the second half I was joined by Danny Gorog (Director/Co-Founder), Pete Collins (Project Manager) and George Hartley (UX Designer). We talked about everything from new platforms like HomeKit and HealthKit to the friction-less experiences we can look forward to with Continuity and Extensibility.