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In this special edition of the OMPodcast, Danny Gorog (Director/Co-founder), Doug Togno (iOS Developer) and Kelly Jennings (UX/BA) give their first impressions of Apple’s recent announcement of the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. With the choice of multiple screen sizes and tailored watch models, Apple fans are given an unprecedented amount of choice this year. The crew also discuss how NFC and Apple Pay will change the game in mobile.

This episode is a quick wrap on what will have a significant impact on the industry. Over the coming weeks and months, we look forward to learning more together with our clients and partners and bringing real world applications of these exciting devices to life.

Now, the biggest question seems to be: which screen size to choose?

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Episode 20 of the OMPodcast is now available for download – Subscribe via iTunesdirect feed, or download the audio file.

This week, Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) returns with Pete Talbot (Design Team Lead) to talk to newbies, Alex Barnett (Delivery Manager) and James Litjens (Project Manager), all about mobile customisation. From jailbroken phones to root access and privilege escalations, the crew discuss their experience with tinkering with their devices and what they consider “product emancipation”, as well as the security and legal issues that surround these activities.


We are very excited to announce the launch of the Coles Mobile Wallet app for iPhone and Android. Iconic Australian brand Coles has strengthened its Financial Services arm by being the first retailer in the world to integrate contactless mobile payments with a loyalty card offering.

The team at Outware is thrilled to have been Coles’ mobile design and development partner for this great new product. Our team was responsible for the delivery of the mobile apps, including user interface design, native iOS and Android development, as well as architecture design and development of the middleware system.

The Coles Mobile Wallet app is a quick, secure and simple way for users to collect flybuys points, pay using their Coles credit cards, and manage their accounts on their smartphone.

Watch a video of the Coles Mobile Wallet app in action.


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