Outware Health Hackathon May 2015 – Highlights from Outware Mobile on Vimeo.

mHealth Hackathon Video

Check out our Health Hackathon video!

A great summary of the day and all the amazing products our team managed to knock out in just 8 hours. Well done again to the winning teams and everyone else involved. It was an exciting way to see what’s possible in mobile health now and in the future.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the hackathon, please contact us.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

At Outware Mobile, we believe in the ability of mobile software to positively impact everyone’s day-to-day lives. Our ethos is to create products that are intuitive, effective and engaging and to do this it means that all users from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances should be included and considered when we are working on projects.

Currently, 1 in 5 Australians have a disability or limiting illness that restricts a person’s ability to function in daily life. These disabilities can include a spectrum of impairments across vision, hearing, physical and motor skills and learning and literacy. For all businesses providing services to the public and especially Government departments, it is essential to consider what these disabilities mean for your product and incorporate features that support access.

We are the first to admit that not all of our projects offer a complete set of accessibility features, but we are committed to continuously having these conversations with our clients and incorporating more accessibility options into our apps into the future.

Our recent work on the RentRight app, where we adapted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for web to native mobile apps is an example of us moving in the right direction.

It is important for Outware Mobile to be a member of the Apple Consultants Network and have team members as registered Apple Accessibility Consultants. We think the responsibility of considering accessibility should be spread across our entire team from designers, developers, test analysts and project managers and the network gives us an ability to skill up our team, stay ahead of the curve in new advancements and better prepare us to talk to our clientele.


Winners of the Outware Hackathon for mobile health were announced today!

There were six prizes on offer. Every team created a working, proof-of-concept prototype to demonstrate their idea. The winners were:

VicHealth Challenge Winner: 3+hings – An iOS app that encourages and incentivises the practice of reflecting on what you’re grateful for in order to increases overall happiness, combat depression, and increase overall life satisfaction.


HISA & Dragon Claw Challenge Winner: The Flare Diary – An Android app that allows users to monitor flare pains. Users can measure severity, symptoms and location by audio or touch.


nib Foundation & DSR Challenge Winner: Swipe for Sport – A ‘Tinder’ like Android app for crowdsourcing sports and recreational facilities and program data. It does this by engaging all sports enthusiasts, making it as easy and fun as possible and rewarding people with “fitcred”.


Most Innovative: Schmooze – An iOS app that engages users in a conversation using artificial intelligence to lighten the mood. It simulates a friend to talk to, and helps users work through their problems and emotions.


Best Execution: Choice-O-Matic – An iPad game where  users encounter various people and enter into conversations about common issues that young people face. It uses positive reinforcement to teach young people how to effectively open up about issues and approach difficult conversations.


Popular Choice: Uplift – An iOS game and Facebook community that teaches young people a scientifically proven breathing exercise to reduce and manage stress.


Congratulations teams! It was a great effort by all and well deserved.

Check out the event summary in this PDF or on Slideshare.