Snap Send Solve on Channel 10 News

Snap Send Solve was featured on the Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News and the Herald Sun recently!

Snap Send Solve is about solving problems. We understand that when people see a problem, such as graffiti, hard rubbish, fallen trees, broken playground equipment, water leaks or potholes on the street, they might not know who is responsible for getting it fixed.

By categorising incident types and assigning them to the appropriate service provider based on the user’s location, Snap Send Solve makes reporting issues a quick and simple thing to do. It also gives users the satisfaction of contributing to getting things fixed in their local communities.

The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and is used by over 60,000 people around Australia.

With over 40,000 reports submitted via the app in the past six months, Snap Send Solve helps users report issues to their local councils and service providers in a quick and easy way.

(Updated 29 July)

CityLink App wins Gold App Design Award

We are super excited to announce that last week, our work with Transurban on the CityLink iOS app won a Gold App Design Award at the design100 World App Design Awards.

The purpose of the CityLink iOS app is to empower customers to make simple transactions quickly and easily, anywhere and anytime. This includes making payments, managing account details and managing vehicles registered to the account.

To ensure that the app is as user friendly as possible, we conducted multiple rounds of user testing with CityLink customers during every stage of the project. This included testing paper prototypes, wireframes, visual designs and prototypes.

The result is an additional channel for customer interactions, that enables Transurban to provide greater and more convenient customer service.

A number of innovative technologies have been used on this app. The app is written in Swift, the new Apple programming language for the iOS platform. The app also allows users to scan their credit card by taking a photo of the card, automatically pre-filling the required data fields, instead of requiring the user to enter it manually.

The CityLink iOS app allows users to:

  • Set up auto top ups
  • Swipe to make a quick payment
  • Scan credit card to enter details and save for future quick use
  • View and update account details
  • View and add vehicles to account
  • View e-TAGs associated with account
  • Receive notifications and prompts when account balance is low

We are continuing to work with Transurban on the CityLink app product roadmap to add more high value features to enhance the CityLink customer experience through mobile.

We also picked up a stack of Silver awards for:

Thanks to everyone who worked on these projects. They are all great examples of how we work towards our vision of making a difference through creating mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging.



Opal Travel Feature Image

We are very proud to announce the release of Opal Travel 2.0 for Transport for NSW.

Outware Mobile’s vision is to make a difference through creating mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging. Opal Travel 2.0 embodies this vision to its core.

Opal Travel 2.0 is a major overhaul of the original app. The latest version enables customers to manage all their Opal card requirements in a single app. It provides users with an easy to use and intuitive experience, as well as an incredibly useful tool that will make travel on public transport even more convenient and seamless. Opal Travel 2.0 includes a comprehensive feature set, including:

  • Scan card for balance (Android only)/check card balance
  • Top up card/s on the go and never have to queue or manually top up again
  • Check Weekly Travel Reward journey count
  • See travel history
  • Plan the quickest and most convenient trip and estimate the fare
  • Find the nearest Opal retailers to acquire an Opal card or top up
  • Link card/s (such as family members) to the app to top up and view activities (by manual input or by using NFC scanning on Android)

Users can also sign-in to the app to:

  • Activate and block card/s
  • Update personal and billing details
  • Personalise card order

Opal Travel 2.0 also significantly improves the experience for blind and vision-impaired customers by working with both Google TalkBack and Apple VoiceOver screen readers. It also identifies wheelchair accessible services.

Opal Travel is available on the App Store and Google Play.

See our Portfolio for more about Opal Travel 2.0.