CityLink App launch screen

We’ve been working with Transurban to develop the CityLink app and we’re excited to announce that it has been shortlisted in the 2016 [app] Design Awards in two categories:

The CityLink app allows customers to have more visibility and control of their CityLink account, where previously it was not as easily accessible. The app empowers customers to make simple transactions quickly and easily, anywhere and anytime.

Creating a great user experience was critical to the success of the app. To achieve this, multiple rounds of user testing was conducted with CityLink customers, throughout the project. With each round of user testing feedback, we further refined and developed the app to ensure a great experience that provides users with the most important information as early as possible.

The CityLink app allows users to:

  • Set up auto top ups
  • Swipe to make a quick payment
  • Scan credit card to enter details and save for future quick use
  • View and update account details
  • View and add vehicles to account
  • View e-TAGs associated with account
  • Notifications and prompts when account balance is low

The result is an easy to use, valuable and convenient app.

A number of innovative technologies have been used on this app. The app is written in Swift, the new Apple programming language for the iOS platform. The app also allows users to scan their credit card by taking a photo of the card, automatically pre-filling the required data fields, instead of requiring the user to enter it manually.

The app is currently only available to a select group of customers, with the goal of gathering feedback to further improve and enhance the app for a public release later this year.


Grow by ANZ iPhone App

We’re pleased to announce that the latest updates to Grow by ANZ are now live.

These updates include an Insurance module that enables ANZ customers to have a complete view of their overall assets and debt, to ensure that they are properly protected.

The latest updates also include an Apple Watch app and Touch ID login.

Check it out on the App Store.

(General Manager Digital Solutions, Global Wealth / Group General Manager, Innovation at ANZ):

The Outware team has been a part of the Grow project from the very beginning. They have demonstrated their expertise, dedication and focus on quality, delivery and a great customer experience, which makes them a leader in their field and a valued partner to ANZ. 

Screenshots of AFL Live, Netball Live and Shop Ethical featured in the App Store

This week, three of our iOS apps are being featured in the App Store: AFL Live, Netball Live, and Shop Ethical!

AFL Live is Australia’s top grossing sports app, and it continues to engage footy fans with new features and enhancements. Recently, the AFL Live app for Apple Watch won Gold awards at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards and the 2015 AUS [app] Design Awards.

Netball Live is the sport’s first dedicated mobile app with live streaming. Netball Live is the winner of a Silver W3 Award as well as a Silver award at 2015 AUS [app] Design Award.

Shop Ethical! is a collaboration between the Ethical Consumer Group and Outware Mobile, helping consumers make informed and ethical shopping decisions on the go. It has consistently received 5 star ratings from users since it was first released in 2011.

We’re incredibly pleased to see Apple actively promoting these apps, which is a great testament to the quality of our work together with our clients and partners.

Well done to everyone involved in these projects!