In this episode, Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead), Danny Gorog (Director/Founder) and first timer Anthony Richardson (Project Manager) are joined by a very special guest, pro podcaster, Sean Callanan, from SportsGeek. Sean also runs and has a couple of his own podcasts called Sports Geek Podcast and Beers, Blokes & Business 

They chat about how mobile technology is enhancing the gaming experience. We talk about everything from stadium connectivity, to live videos on social media, the evolution of digital departments in sports clubs to performance improvement and decision making using technology.


Episode 2 of the OMPodcast is now available from – iTunesdirect feed, or direct download.

This week, we deep dive into the nib Health Insurance app and talk about how mobile technology is changing this sector. Keith Smyth (Android Tech Lead), Danny Gorog (Director/Founder) and Lucia Vuong (Marketing Manager) are joined by Adam Hatfield, Head of Digital at nib. We talk about the link between health and health insurance, as well as customer engagement levels on web vs mobile.

An interesting fact that we learned is that app users have a significantly higher NPS than web users.


Season 2 of the OMPodcast has now kicked off! Episode 1 is now available from – iTunesdirect feed, or direct download.

We’re very lucky to start the 2015 season of the OMPodcast with a very special guest – One of the organisers of RubyConf 2015, Pat Allan.

Pat joins host Keith Smyth (Android Team Lead) and fellow Outwarians, Adam Sharp (iOS Developer) and Jerram Watters (Integration Services Team Lead) to tell us how RubyConf came about. Adam and Jerram talk about their experiences at the conference, and we discuss why we think the Ruby community is so friendly, collaborative and inclusive.