Sydney Design Awards 2015 - GoldWe’re incredibly proud to announce that ORPA for Transport for NSW has won a Gold Award in the Digital Experience – Mobile category at the 2015 Sydney Design Awards.

ORPA is a beautifully designed Android app that enables Transport Officers to check that customers are travelling using the correct Opal card and paying the correct fare. It replaces a basic utility tool with a delightful and more functional mobile solution.

The app interface is clean and simple, hiding complex processes from the end user, resulting in a quick and easy user experience that is both effective and delightful.

Our vision is to create mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging by working with great clients. This app exemplifies what we try to do every day in our work.

Well done to the entire team that worked on this project and keep up the great work!

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

At Outware Mobile, we believe in the ability of mobile software to positively impact everyone’s day-to-day lives. Our ethos is to create products that are intuitive, effective and engaging and to do this it means that all users from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances should be included and considered when we are working on projects.

Currently, 1 in 5 Australians have a disability or limiting illness that restricts a person’s ability to function in daily life. These disabilities can include a spectrum of impairments across vision, hearing, physical and motor skills and learning and literacy. For all businesses providing services to the public and especially Government departments, it is essential to consider what these disabilities mean for your product and incorporate features that support access.

We are the first to admit that not all of our projects offer a complete set of accessibility features, but we are committed to continuously having these conversations with our clients and incorporating more accessibility options into our apps into the future.

Our recent work on the RentRight app, where we adapted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for web to native mobile apps is an example of us moving in the right direction.

It is important for Outware Mobile to be a member of the Apple Consultants Network and have team members as registered Apple Accessibility Consultants. We think the responsibility of considering accessibility should be spread across our entire team from designers, developers, test analysts and project managers and the network gives us an ability to skill up our team, stay ahead of the curve in new advancements and better prepare us to talk to our clientele.


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Danny recently wrote an article for Business Spectator about how government can deliver more effective services via mobile technology. To ensure that government can get the most out of their investment in mobile, he emphasises the importance of:

  1. An effective mobile strategy that takes advantage of the rapidly changing technology environment
  2. An intuitive and engaging mobile experiences that are focused on the user
  3. An Agile and iterative delivery approach that takes user feedback and to create a cycle of continuous improvement for the product

The full article can be accessed here.