Sydney Design Awards 2015 - GoldWe’re incredibly proud to announce that ORPA for Transport for NSW has won a Gold Award in the Digital Experience – Mobile category at the 2015 Sydney Design Awards.

ORPA is a beautifully designed Android app that enables Transport Officers to check that customers are travelling using the correct Opal card and paying the correct fare. It replaces a basic utility tool with a delightful and more functional mobile solution.

The app interface is clean and simple, hiding complex processes from the end user, resulting in a quick and easy user experience that is both effective and delightful.

Our vision is to create mobile experiences that are intuitive, effective and engaging by working with great clients. This app exemplifies what we try to do every day in our work.

Well done to the entire team that worked on this project and keep up the great work!


The latest version of the Better Health Channel Android app is now available with an updated Material Design user interface.

The Better Health Channel app helps users take control of their health and wellbeing anytime and anywhere. Content in the Better Health app is developed by the Department of Health (Victoria) in consultation with over 200 content partners and is reviewed by subject matter experts as part of a rigorous quality assurance approval process. Information is evidence based and reflects current best practice.

The underlying philosophy of Material Design is that material is grounded in a tactile reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes helps users to quickly understand how objects move, interact and exist in space in relation to each other. Hierarchy, meaning and focus are communicated through the use of colour, imagery and typography.  Motion, feedback and transitions are coherent and appropriate to context. In summary, Material Design creates a more intuitive experience for users by providing context and cues that are subtle but grounded by the rules of physics, while being open to imagination and magic.

Download the app and take a look for yourself!


Coles Mobile Wallet has won another award, cementing its position as a leading product in banking and finance innovation.

The app received a Silver award in the Digital Experience – Mobile category of the 2014 Melbourne Design Awards.

As part of the global [city] Design Awards program, the Melbourne Design Awards celebrate creativity, courage and innovation in design. Melbourne has its own design focus and culture– the [city] Design Awards program provides a unique opportunity for a city’s design community to join together in celebrating their design diversity and the city’s top designers and commissioners.

At Outware, we believe that designing a great user experience is just as important as the engineering behind the scenes in producing a quality mobile app. We are very proud of our partnership and work with Coles Financial Services on the Coles Mobile Wallet and delighted to see the industry recognising and rewarding our hard work.

Well done to all those involved in the Coles Mobile Wallet project. Great job, let’s keep it up!