Today we are excited to announce a new chapter in Outware’s story.

Outware’s mission is to partner with great organisations to create mobile applications that are intuitive, effective and engaging.

In a rapidly changing mobile ecosystem, it is important for us to be able to offer our clients premium services across the entire product lifecycle, from design and development through to the build and support of the backend cloud infrastructure.

To accelerate us on that journey, we have entered a formal partnership with Melbourne IT, to acquire 50.2% of Outware Mobile.

Melbourne IT is one of the largest cloud solutions providers in Australia. They are one of only two premium AWS partners in Australia.

Outware and Melbourne IT have worked closely together on projects in the past and we have got to know their team well. Both companies have a similar culture and set of values – two things that are a top priority for us.

We believe that this agreement will enable both organisations to provide enterprise grade mobile and cloud solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

There will be no significant change to how the business will be run. We will retain our team structure, branding, culture and strategic plan. The directors remain at Outware on a full-time basis in the same roles that they have today.

This is an exciting and positive milestone for Outware. We look forward to creating many more of Australia’s leading mobile experiences and continuing to grow and develop our team.

Danny, Eytan, Gideon and the entire team at Outware.


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