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user story

Starting off my new role as a Business Analyst, I have had a week-long refresher course on the ‘right’ way to write User Stories.

‘Right’ in quotes, because there really is no right or wrong way to write a User Story. All you have are a set of guidelines and common practices, all of which are only tried and true methods as experienced by your peers.


dynamic design

Every user is different. Why offer them all the same design?

Amigos UX designers!

Imagine a day when we are able to craft app experiences that adapt to each user and their behaviour, on the go… that day is not too far away!

Yes, you read that right. One version of the app,


day in the life of a ux designer

“What is UX? What do you do?”

“The UI designers create the ‘designs’ and the Business Analysts create ‘stories’”. What the heck is ‘UX’?”

I get asked this by a lot of new developers.

It’s important we keep investing time in everyone’s knowledge of UX, especially as new teams form and new people join.