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In the early stages of product design, it is easy to make assumptions about what your users need or want. Product design usually begins by evaluating a target market and addressing a gap or opportunity, and it is easy at this stage to allow internal bias and business drivers (such as profit or growth) to dictate product features.  



While it may seem counterintuitive, the existence of constraints can often lead to innovative designs and clever solutions. When designing an experience, a process, a project or product, constraints impose boundaries and limitations. It is the need to overcome these boundaries and limitations that can inspire innovation.

Constraints force a team to work together to either come up with a creative solution to side-step an impediment,


art of testing

Technology is evolving faster than ever. Platform leaders such as Android and iOS are introducing so many features every year to attract new and existing users alike. These features are being used and talked about by 2.32 billion smartphone users worldwide, creating millions of possibilities for users to break these features.

This is why Quality Assurance (QA) is important.