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An app is an important strategic addition to your business. In order for your app to be a success, it’s important to have a clearly defined strategy around what you want the app to do, what value it should hold for your users, and how it should evolve and change in the future.

To gain a better understanding of mobile strategy,



Walking through a shopping centre or supermarket, you are bound to see people looking down at their phones. Mobile technology allows consumers to access a range of services on-the-go, and shopping is a key example of this. However, online shopping is not the only opportunity that mobile technology holds for retailers. Mobile apps present an innovative way for retail businesses to connect with their customers and enhance the in-store shopping experience.


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Authors: Gideon Kowadlo and Lucia Vuong

At Outware, we define Innovation as “change that adds value”, a pithy and meaningful definition we’ve borrowed from Inventium. This is all encompassing. We strive to:

  • improve ourselves
  • improve outcomes for our clients
  • lead the market
  • use our time effectively for amazing results

Our Innovation Program consists of multiple activities that fit within an overall framework.