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iOS11 iPad drag and drop

WWDC17 brought a lot of exciting news for developers and businesses alike. One of the most exciting announcements was the changes we will see in iOS11, and how these changes will improve the user experience of different types of apps. While not every business or app will need to implement all of these features, businesses wanting to distinguish their apps from competitors should look to implement these changes to make their user experiences stand out from the crowd.



Augmented reality (AR), the technology enabling virtual objects to be placed into a view of the physical environment, moved a step closer to mass market adoption in June when Apple announced the ARKit framework at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). ARKit is a software development framework for Apple mobile devices that takes care of the complex low-level processing required by all augmented reality applications,


cross platform

I started my career as an iOS developer, but after 6 months at Outware, I was given the chance to extend my skill set by exploring the strange but wonderful world of Android development. Jumping on a new platform was initially daunting, but the outcome has been well worth it. After a year of working as a cross-platform developer,