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day in the life of a ux designer

“What is UX? What do you do?”

“The UI designers create the ‘designs’ and the Business Analysts create ‘stories’”. What the heck is ‘UX’?”

I get asked this by a lot of new developers.

It’s important we keep investing time in everyone’s knowledge of UX, especially as new teams form and new people join.


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Introduction to Android Accessibility & TalkBack

Ever tried to use your smartphone blindfolded? How would you approach it?

Even if not completely blind, many vision or hearing impaired users can’t interact with a smartphone as most people do. Both Android and iOS provide users with accessibility features and developers with accessibility frameworks to make things easier.


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Authors: Gideon Kowadlo and Lucia Vuong

At Outware, we define Innovation as “change that adds value”, a pithy and meaningful definition we’ve borrowed from Inventium. This is all encompassing. We strive to:

  • improve ourselves
  • improve outcomes for our clients
  • lead the market
  • use our time effectively for amazing results

Our Innovation Program consists of multiple activities that fit within an overall framework.