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Introduction to Android Accessibility & TalkBack

Ever tried to use your smartphone blindfolded? How would you approach it?

Even if not completely blind, many vision or hearing impaired users can’t interact with a smartphone as most people do. Both Android and iOS provide users with accessibility features and developers with accessibility frameworks to make things easier.


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This is a guide for any dev that wants a kickstart into learning the iOS Accessibility APIs. Fortunately, the accessibility frameworks on iOS are very compact and Apple has built in a lot of sane defaults into the views and controls of iOS. While all the standard UIKit components tend to work out of the box you will usually need to configure your custom view elements to make your app really shine for accessibility users.


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Imagine using your favourite app with your eyes closed, slightly open or with no colour.

Would this:

  1. Frustrate you?
  2. Degrade your user experience?
  3. Limit you from using some features of the app?
  4. Make you feel like you’re missing out on something?