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The latest version of the Better Health Channel Android app is now available with an updated Material Design user interface.

The Better Health Channel app helps users take control of their health and wellbeing anytime and anywhere. Content in the Better Health app is developed by the Department of Health (Victoria) in consultation with over 200 content partners and is reviewed by subject matter experts as part of a rigorous quality assurance approval process.



Danny recently wrote an article for Business Spectator about how government can deliver more effective services via mobile technology. To ensure that government can get the most out of their investment in mobile, he emphasises the importance of:

  1. An effective mobile strategy that takes advantage of the rapidly changing technology environment
  2. An intuitive and engaging mobile experiences that are focused on the user
  3. An Agile and iterative delivery approach that takes user feedback and to create a cycle of continuous improvement for the product

The full article can be accessed here.



Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in the digital space. With the reach of digital products extending millions of people all around the world, organisations have a responsibility in making their products accessible and easy to use. Outware Mobile’s vision is to create intuitive, effective and engaging mobile experiences that make a difference by helping people get things done,