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Melbourne IT Enterprise Services Hackathon 2017 from Outware Mobile on Vimeo.

On Saturday 24th June, Melbourne IT Enterprise Services held its first truly nation-wide Hackathon, featuring teams from across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This year’s event was focused on the theme “Empowering Communities Through Finance”.


cross platform

I started my career as an iOS developer, but after 6 months at Outware, I was given the chance to extend my skill set by exploring the strange but wonderful world of Android development. Jumping on a new platform was initially daunting, but the outcome has been well worth it. After a year of working as a cross-platform developer,


Accessibility UX Testing

This year at I/O17, Google’s Astrid Weber issued a challenge to teams:


“Think creatively about how to find people to test with. Try and find one

person with accessibility needs in your next research study and see what

you learn.”


Astrid is a lead UX researcher at Google and as a UX designer myself,