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Agile is easy to understand but difficult to master. Have you rolled up your sleeves to implement Agile in your organisation, but during the implementation found yourself wondering what went wrong, where these frequent conflicts were coming from, and why deliverables are delayed even after such a process shift? If this sounds like you, then in all likelihood you are measuring the success of your implementation incorrectly and you may have altogether misunderstood the basics of Agile.


AR – the Inexorable March

With the advances in technology over the last ten years, it is amazing to see that the retail experience has remained largely unchanged. Although the internet has stolen the echo of a million footsteps, those that still brave supermarkets and clothes shops are mirroring a pilgrimage which hasn’t changed since the dawn of time. They might be self-serving at the checkout but,



In the early stages of product design, it is easy to make assumptions about what your users need or want. Product design usually begins by evaluating a target market and addressing a gap or opportunity, and it is easy at this stage to allow internal bias and business drivers (such as profit or growth) to dictate product features.