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As an Engineering Team Lead, I have had the opportunity to conduct more than 100 interviews in my career, and often I face the challenge of having to assess if the candidate fits in a Senior role. With the intention of supporting developers on areas they might have not have explored or mastered, I’d like to share my experience of what it takes to be a Senior Mobile Software Engineer.



While it may seem counterintuitive, the existence of constraints can often lead to innovative designs and clever solutions. When designing an experience, a process, a project or product, constraints impose boundaries and limitations. It is the need to overcome these boundaries and limitations that can inspire innovation.

Constraints force a team to work together to either come up with a creative solution to side-step an impediment,



Your competitor just released a new voice experience for their customers. Their ads are blowing up social media, and industry publications are praising their customer-centric marketing strategy. What do you do?

A lot of businesses feel pressured to adopt the newest, shiniest technologies as soon as they’re available. This is particularly true of businesses trying to compete at a higher level where one or more large players have typically dominated the market.