Author: Shruthi Anandan, Junior UX Designer

When people ask me “How is life at Outware?”, I can’t help but smile… In a very competitive field, getting a job at Outware just after graduation has been like a dream run. The past few weeks have been an amazing learning experience. Outware has made me realise the potential in myself and has kept me on my toes from the day I started.

Outware has opened my doors to the real world of design through various internal and client facing projects. Being a junior UX Designer, I am responsible for designing apps that will be used in the real world.

Working Environment
Outware realises the importance of a lively work environment and hence has eliminated the monotonous work schedule for its employees. It provides us with different applications to build on, different platforms to work on and different problems to solve within a stipulated time. There has never been a dull moment, and I absolutely enjoy the fact that there are no more Monday blues when I am doing the work that I always have dreamt of, in such a reputed company for which people compete against.


Events & Hackathon
I always believed that working in a comfortable environment brings out the best in you. Outware hits that ball right out of the park by making the office a second home to each and every soul working for the company. Organising events adds to this. There is always something or other popping out every month. Last Friday, we had our quarterly meet, which played an important role for new starters like me to get to know people at Outware. One of the most awaited events at Outware was the one day “Hackathon”, which provided us with an opportunity to develop something that we have always wanted to work on. The most exciting and rewarding part of this event was the support provided by colleagues in accomplishing the task as a team.


The Team
One of the strengths of Outware is ‘the team’. Members of the Outware family are empires in their respective field. Each and every team has a fascinating leader who leads his/her supporting team members. Adding flavour to that, Outware brings in Melbourne’s strength into the teams, which is the diversity – both in culture and in experience. That makes us even more versatile/strong in different aspects.


Passionate About Mobile Tech
Being a tech company, there is no scarcity for tech geeks and tech gossip in the office. Whether it is the latest Apple Watch or the trending Material Design and Android Studio, our office provides us with a platform to keep ourselves updated on the latest tech news. We even get a chance to lay our hands on the latest tech gadget soon after its release. What more can we ask?

Apple Watch

To conclude, the “Outware” phase of my life is full of moments that I will treasure forever. It has been an ultimate pleasure to have landed in this job within a short time after my graduation and to get involved in big projects. Be it one of the directors or a new starter at Outware, their passion towards technology unites us together as a huge Outware family. If you want to stamp your name in the biggest apps of Australia, then this is the right place for you to start your journey. I have already climbed a few steps up in the ladder. Have you??

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