Innovation happens every day and everywhere. Outware was recently featured in Tap into NFC’s Spotlight Blog with our innovative NFC access point to our guest WIFI network.

Problem: No one can ever remember the Guest WIFI password – Why? Because it’s a good, secure password, and as people who work here, we never need to enter it ourselves. So when guests and clients come into the office and need internet access, it’s always a bit of a hassle to try and find someone who can log them in.

Solution: Alex Bird, a project manager at Outware, found a very innovative and elegant way to solve this very problem. Armed with an NFC tag and a 3D printer, he created a simple and elegant NFC WIFI access point for guests and clients to log onto our network with a simple tap. For our iPhone guests, Alex also created a 3D printed QR code that they can simply scan when they come into the office.


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