We are excited to announce that Outware will now become part of Arq Group.

Outware joined the Melbourne IT Group in June 2015, marking Melbourne IT’s transition from a domains and hosting service to a full-scale consultancy, providing end-to-end digital services for enterprise and government.

In the last number of years, Melbourne IT’s business model has changed dramatically. New acquisitions have contributed significantly to the growth and evolution of the company. The rebrand to Arq Group signifies the unification of individual businesses into a single, united brand.

The new brand name symbolises the curve that connects the business to its clients and their customers, evoking the far-reaching connections and capabilities within the group.

Today, Arq Group creates unforgettable experiences, solves complex challenges, and provides seamless, end-to-end solutions for businesses large and small.

We are excited to begin this new chapter in our history as part of Arq Group, unleashing the possibilities between business and people.

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