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 App Design Awards 2016 Gold     App Design Awards 2015 Silver


Transurban is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company responsible for the development and management of toll road networks in Australia. With a portfolio consisting of thirteen Australian roads and two roads in the United States of America, Transurban aims to provide safer and more efficient ways for people to travel within their cities and communities.



Transurban commissioned Outware Mobile to develop an iOS customer app that would provide users with greater visibility and control of their accounts, foster stronger customer engagement, and provide an additional channel for customer service.

Outware worked collaboratively with Transurban, with a dedicated onsite team and regular stand ups, retros, and showcases.



User Experience Design:

A key requirement of the app was that it be easy to use, and provide the user with access to both personalised and general information. User testing was conducted throughout the project to allow for continuous feedback and ensure a seamless user experience.


iOS development was completed in eleven staged iterations to allow continuous feedback throughout the project. Testing was conducted by both our internal QA team as well as third parties, using a mixture of both manual and automated testing.

The development team also participated in regular stand ups and showcases with the client in order to maintain a strong client relationship and ensure that issues were identified early and managed effectively.

New Frontiers in iOS Development:

Development was undertaken using the latest versions of Swift and ReactiveCocoa, which reduced both the size of the code and the number of potential bugs.

Security and PCI Compliance:

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

The Top Up feature in the CityLink app enables users to make transactions with their credit cards. To ensure that these transactions are secure, the CityLink app was developed to be compliant with Payment Card Industry standards.



Outware Mobile delivered the end-to-end design and development of the CityLink app.  It revolutionises the way Transurban customers engage with the service, enabling users to manage their accounts on-the-go, make manual payments, set up automatic payments, purchase e-Tags, and update their personal and vehicle information.

Account Balance:

The app is designed so that important information and services are easily accessible. Users are able to view their account balance and access additional information about their account status, which helps them to better manage their account and avoid fines.


The Quick Payment function allows users to make quick top-up payments to their CityLink account using a slide functionality. Users can also set up automatic payments or make manual payments. The app also allows users to scan their credit card using the phone’s camera to add another card to their account.

Trip Details:

The Trip Details tab provides users with an overview of their trip history, along with an interactive map. The expanded view provides a monthly trip summary, allowing users to compare trips across time. The Toll Calculator function pushes the user to the CityLink website where they can calculate the tolls of a future trip.



The CityLink app enables Transurban customers to manage the requirements of their CityLink account within a single app.

The app provides users with an easy to use mobile experience that will simplify and increase their engagement with their CityLink accounts.

The app has also been awarded the following awards at the 2016 World Design Awards: