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Coles is a leading Australian supermarket chain, operating in over 798 locations around Australia, and employing over 100,000 workers.

Outware had previously worked with Coles to develop the Coles Mobile Wallet Android and iOS apps, which provide customers with a convenient and secure way to access internet banking on their smartphones. Customers can also access special offers, scan their flybuys card, and pay with their phone using pay tag technology.


Following the success of Coles Mobile Wallet, Coles engaged Outware to redesign the UX and UI of the Coles shopping app, giving it a fresh new look whilst improving features of the app.

The project was unique in its operation as it was a multi-vendor model, where Outware worked collaboratively with the Coles product mobile team, third party app developers, and accessibility auditors.


Outware delivered a complete visual redesign of the Coles app. The new app features a clean design that is simple and intuitive to use. Key changes include: the design of the ‘Bought Before’ feature, which houses a customer’s shopping history; the ability to scan a flybuys loyalty card barcode in-store; and the redesign of the ‘Watching’ feature, which replaces the Favourites feature.

User Experience:

By conducting heuristic analysis and competitor analysis, and diving into the app’s analytics, Coles and Outware were able to determine key customer pain points and high value features within the app, and focus on adjusting the existing user experience.

User testing sessions were conducted at multiple points throughout the project to determine which designs and flows users favoured.

Education on features was key in demonstrating value within the app, thus the use of onboarding, coach marks, and education text was introduced.


At Outware Mobile, we believe in the ability of mobile software to positively impact everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Our ethos is to create products that are intuitive, effective and engaging, and captured within this vision is the belief that the needs of users from all backgrounds and circumstances should be considered throughout the development of our projects.

As Coles is committed to delivering accessible digital experiences for its customers, a key requirement of this project was that the app be accessible and usable by people with temporary, permanent or increasing disabilities.

Third party accessibility testing was conducted throughout the project to assess the accessibility of the app against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). The app has been designed to accommodate a range of ability levels. Page content was ordered in a way that would make it understandable to people using screen readers, and colour contrast was heightened to assist users with low vision.


The new Coles app features a fresh, clean design and improved user experience features.

Since releasing the update, Coles has seen a 94% increase in weekly active users, and in-app session length has increased by 71%.

In this project, Outware Mobile was responsible for:

  • Rethinking of the customer experience
  • Redesign of both iOS and Android user interfaces
  • Guided accessibility standards
  • Trends and competitor analysis reporting