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App Design Awards 2014 GoldW3 Award 2014Australian Banking and Finance Award 2015


Coles Financial Services brings quality, everyday financial products such as insurance and credit cards to Australian families.


Coles Credit Cards customers use a web-based platform (the Credit Cards Online Service Centre) to manage their credit card and access important information such as monthly statements. While browsing the site services on a desktop or mobile, Coles recognised the potential to provide a seamless experience, in the moment, via a native mobile app to further help customers keep track of their spending in a meaningful way. The Coles Financial Services team wanted to develop a simple, helpful and value-adding app for their Coles Credit Card customers, with the key differentiator being a great user experience that provides engagement around flybuys, offers and in-store value.


Outware Mobile is proud to work in partnership with Coles Financial Services to develop the Coles Mobile Wallet for iPhone and Android. This included building the middleware services, which were critical to ensuring the mobile app was integrated with the appropriate backend systems and infrastructure. The Coles Mobile Wallet provides customers with a convenient and secure way to access their credit card account on their iPhone or Android devices. It also allows customers to view their flybuys points balance and access and activate exclusive offers. The Coles Mobile Wallet also gives customers access to the free Coles Pay Tag. A sticker that can be placed on the back of their phone, so customers can scan their flybuys, pay with their phone, and see real time transactions in the mobile app in a unified experience. The Coles Mobile Wallet is a world first and positions Coles as an innovative leader in financial services.

As part of this project, Outware delivered user experience design, visual design, mobile app development, middleware development, testing and project management. Key to the success of this project was an emphasis on creating a great user experience, high standards in code quality and security, a streamlined project management process, as well as a strong partnership approach between all key stakeholders.

The Process

Using an Agile methodology, Outware works closely in partnership with Coles Financial Services to provide the most efficient and effective workflows for mobile delivery. By taking an Agile approach, Outware and Coles Financial Services were able to adapt to new requirements over the course of the project, to incorporate changes from the results of user testing, whilst still ensuring that key milestones were met.  Critical to the success of this project was a formal project management strategy, streamlined processes, and open communication channels, including daily stand ups in the development team and monthly governance meetings with key stakeholders to ensure alignment of service expectations.

User Experience

The apps have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, in compliance with best practice standards according to iOS and Android user experience guidelines. The results of user testing the wireframes and visual designs were fed back into the design process, resulting in an improved user experience in the final product, saving time in development. The final product has a beautiful user interface and is a pleasure to use, ensuring the app is a positive and quality reflection of the Coles Financial Services’ brand.


Outware developed the middleware layer that aggregates user credit card and flybuys data to enable read visibility to the apps and other relevant third party entities. The solution is designed for high availability, with multiple zones of redundancy, on multiple AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances using Elastic Load Balancing (ELB).

It is also designed with high security in mind, using the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Web Application Firewalls (WAF).

Outware’s middleware team together with Melbourne IT worked closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that the solution is robust and sustainable for future enhancements and modifications, resulting in performance exceeding all load testing benchmarks.

Code Quality and Security

Code quality and security is a strong focus for Coles Financial Services in the development of Coles Mobile Wallet. Appropriate unit test coverage and code quality metrics are used to ensure the app adheres to best practice coding conventions. The app has also been designed with the highest level of security in mind, with features such as dynamic lockout and secure session management. The app has undergone rigorous testing and passed industry standard security tests, such as HP Fortify.


The app features

  • Secure login and simple 4 digit access code set-up
  • Quick View of available credit and flybuys points
  • Dashboard for easy access to various features
  • Account Summary
  • Up to 12 months of transactions, with the ability to filter and search
  • flybuys login and points balance
  • Access to flybuys offers


Outware is continuing to work with Coles Financial Services on the Coles Mobile Wallet roadmap, with planned releases for future enhancements based on usage analytics and ongoing user testing.


In the first two days after launch, the app had been downloaded over 2700 times. Currently the app has a 4.4 star rating on Google Play and a 4 star rating on the App Store. Coles has also reported a significant increase in online usage of services. Best of all, the Coles Mobile Wallet has resonated with customers and continues to receive positive feedback.