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The EPA Victoria Report Litter iPhone app is the first app in the world to allow members of the public to report people they see littering from or near motor vehicles, direct from their iPhones.

EPA Victoria’s public litter reporting system is unique to Australia, so we built a unique and streamlined reporting app,  that allows litter reporting in six simple steps.

Rubbish thrown from a motor vehicle is a major source of litter and costs millions of dollars each year to remove.  The app helps EPA by reporting this type of pollution, which includes cigarette butts, food packaging and beverage containers.


  • Records the registration, make, colour and model of offender’s vehicle
  • Records location, Date and Time of offense
  • Records a description of the litter
  • Allows submission through the app within 7 days of seeing the offense.

It can be downloaded free from the App Store now.

Download from the App Store