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About Transurban

Transurban is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed top 20 company responsible for the development and management of toll road networks in Australia and the United States of America. With a portfolio consisting of thirteen Australian roads and two roads in the United States of America, Transurban’s vision is to “strengthen communities through transport”.

The Problem

Transurban recognised a shift in how infrequent travellers want to interact with toll roads. Research indicated that these customers want easy ways to manage and pay for tolls, without needing to commit to an ongoing account. Having identified these insights, Transurban saw a need for a toll payment solution that would simplify the interactions these infrequent travellers have with toll roads.

The Solution

Transurban approached Outware with the idea for an app that would allow infrequent toll road users to travel on toll roads using only their smartphone, replacing the need for an e-Tag.

Outware had been previously commissioned by Transurban to develop the award-winning CityLink app for iOS and Android, as well as the Transurban Linkt app for iOS and Android.

Outware ran a tech spike workshop in collaboration with Transurban and another vendor to test the feasibility of using a smartphone to geo-tag a journey. Having built a basic POC that proved technological capability, Outware and Transurban then progressed the project to development.

The LinktGO app uses a smartphone’s GPS technology to identify when a driver has entered and exited any Australian toll road, replacing the need for a tag. Infrequent toll road users require a simple, easy-to-use way to engage with toll road payments, and the LinktGO app has been designed to allow users to sign up to the service using only their mobile phone number, license plate number, and a credit card. The app provides users with clear visibility of their toll road trips, as well as associated cost breakdowns. The app also allows trip-by-trip payments and uses push notifications to remind the user when a payment is due.
Outware ran regular user testing sessions to gather feedback on the user experience and continually refine the app’s design. The result is a simple, easy to use app that leverages the recognisable Transurban Linkt branding to create a delightful and frictionless experience for the user.

The Outcome

The LinktGO app has been featured on Smart Company, ITWire, and 7News, highlighting its unique user experience and the clear benefit it provides to Transurban customers.

Average rating in Play Store – 4.1 (as of 11/1/18)
Average rating in Apple store – 3.5 (as of 11/1/18)

The app has been well-received by customers, as illustrated by these testimonials:

“I find this app useful & convenient because it means, for me personally, not having to go through the expense of an etag but still able to use roads with tolls. I highly recommend this app to everyone.” – Kylie

“Loved the app. I’m a new driver and this would be extremely helpful if I enter the toll road accidentally.” – Niveditha

“No hassle interface, quick to set up. Love it.” – Alexander