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 Australian App Design Awards 2015 Silver     W3 Award 2015 Silver


Netball is played by more than 20 million people in more than 80 countries worldwide. It plays a key role in Australia’s sporting heritage and lifestyle, and is ranked as the leading women’s participation team sport and the top team based sport in Australia. There are 1.2 million participants in Australia, with over 5000 nationally recognised clubs and 570 affiliated Associations.

2015 saw Australia on the world stage, with Sydney hosting Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015. 16 nations competed for the title of World Champions.

The objective of the Netball Live app is to attract new fans to the sport, and better engage existing fans worldwide.



Working closely with Netball Australia to understand fans and user behaviours, our team delivered an end-to-end solution for the Netball Live app, which included the following services:

  • Requirements gathering
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • Integration services development
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management

Our user experience team created detailed wireframes that underwent several rounds of user testing to ensure the app had an intuitive interface that users could easily navigate and understand.

Visual designs were created collaboratively between designers and developers, producing user interfaces that adhere to platform conventions, with full Material Design for Android and Adaptive UI for iOS.

iOS and Android development was completed in staged iterations, to allow continuous testing and user acceptance testing throughout the project, ensuring that issues and risks were raised early and mitigated.

Alongside the development of the iOS and Android apps, Outware also developed the integration services for Netball Live on an AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance, where live score data is aggregated from multiple upstream services to display within the apps.

The solution is designed with high availability in mind, using a Varnish server for caching to ensure performance requirements are met. The integration services for Netball live are able to handle thousands of requests per second from just two AWS servers, ensuring a robust and efficient solution.

Our quality assurance process covered all platforms, with detailed dashboards of testing results to provide total transparency to key stakeholders, allowing the project team to make informed decisions at critical points during the project.

The project management function was crucial to the success of the project, being the key communication mechanism between project teams. Outware Mobile ran daily stand ups, produced weekly project reports with budget and scope tracking, maintained risk and issues registers, and dependency tracking to ensure that all key stakeholders were informed of the project status.



This is the sport’s first dedicated mobile app with live streaming. Live streaming apps are incredibly popular with sports fans and it is important to be able to provide netball fans with convenient access to their favourite game.

Netball Live holds content for the ANZ Championship, Netball World Cup and the Australian Netball Diamonds, giving the user the power to seamlessly switch between the three. Each category of content takes on its own look and feel, reinforcing each brand. App users can access live scores, statistics, news and highlights for free while subscribers are able to access to every ANZ Championship game played in Australia live, along with full match replays of all 72 games of the season on demand. Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 was also broadcast to more fans than ever before on the app, with all 64 games streamed to mobile handsets and tablets across the world.

The app provides a platform that meets the demand for contemporary, consumable and convenient sports products. It targets all netball fans, from the ‘fanatic’ to those who have a casual interest or might attend one game a year.

In line with best practice app design, Netball Live hides complex processes from users to create a colourful, vibrant and intuitive mobile experience. Casual users find it simple to use with the latest and most important information clearly presented up-front. Power users delight in digging down into the huge amount of content, stats and functionality that the app offers.

The app leverages the conventions of each platform to ensure that users get a familiar, yet delightful experience appropriate to their device of choice. The Material Design layout of the Android app creates an intuitive experience for users by providing context and cues that are subtle but grounded by the rules of physics, while being open to imagination and magic. The iOS user interface is designed to be simple, beautiful and engaging, in line with the latest standards in iOS design.

The navigation between the three states – ANZ Championship, Netball World Cup and Australian Netball Diamonds – is a seamless integration of a myriad of content. Netball Live is effectively three apps in one, for the convenience of elite netball fans.



The result is a world class live sporting app that was featured in the App Store days after it went live.

Netball Live received a lot of media attention on launch, including feature articles in:

It was also heavily promoted during the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 by the organising committee, Netball Australia, competing nations and Telstra Media.

Netball Australia strategically leveraged ANZ Championship free to air and subscription television broadcasts to promote the app to 4.1 million viewers. It was further promoted to an audience of 2.9 million Australians during Netball World Cup.

Netball Live was promoted in-stadium during ANZ Championship and Netball World Cup, with prominent on-court decals, LED signage, TVCs and commentator announcements.

Netball Live is also the winner of multiple awards including:

  • W3 Award – Sports category (Silver)
  • AUS [app] Design Awards – Entertainment & Leisure (Silver)



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