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Transport for NSW is responsible for improving the customer experience, planning, program administration, policy, regulation, and procurement of transport services, infrastructure and freight in NSW.

Following the success of the award-winning Opal Revenue Protection App in 2014, Transport for NSW commissioned Outware to update the existing Opal Travel iOS and Android apps.


The brief was to integrate the Opal card NFC reader developed for the Opal Revenue Protection App into Android, revitalise the overall user experience on both iOS and Android, and enable customers to consolidate their Opal card management into one easy to use and convenient app.

The scope of this project included the redesign of both the iOS and Android user interfaces, developing new features for both iOS and Android, replicating existing functionality of the Opal mobile website, and ensuring Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.

With over two hundred thousand current users, it was essential that the apps were designed and developed with longevity in mind, ensuring the highest standards of quality across all aspects of the apps.


The Opal Travel project was completed in just 8 months, with Outware providing expertise in creating strong user experience and design, a structured and maintainable development approach for iOS and Android, and rigorous testing to ensure a high level of confidence, security, and quality for the release.

A key component of the brief was to make it easy for travellers to manage their Opal cards on the go. Taking public transport can often be a stressful and complex feat in and of itself, with customers needing to understand and manage schedules, transfers and navigation around busy stations. To ensure that Opal Travel does not add any more stress or complexity to a customer’s day, the app is designed so that the most important information is easily accessible.

In information-heavy utility apps such as Opal Travel, colour plays a key role as a communication mechanism. In the Trip Planner, colours help link the type of transport (train, bus, etc.) with specific legs of a journey, providing simple cues that make the app easier and more intuitive to use.            

iOS and Android development was completed in staged iterations to allow continuous feedback throughout the project, conducted by both our internal QA team as well as third parties, ensuring that issues and risks were identified early and managed effectively.


Outware delivered the Opal Travel 3.0 update in 2017. Transport for New South Wales wanted to provide users with the best trip planning experience possible. Outware worked with Transport for New South Wales to prioritise the features that would provide the most benefit to users, and understand the depth and breadth of functions required to create the best possible user experience.

This version of the app provides users with additional features around trip planning, notifications of when their stop is coming up, and details of any disruptions that may impact their travel. When a user plans a trip, they have the option of subscribing to notifications about disruptions to that route in the morning, afternoon/evening, or all day. Users will then receive push notifications about any disruptions to their scheduled trips. Users can also view a more detailed overview of current disruptions in the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Opal Travel 3.0 also provides users with notifications around upcoming stops. When a user plans a journey, the app will send a notification 2 stops before the user is due to disembark or change transport modes, 1 stop before, and when the stop is approaching. This helps users feel secure in their trip planning and have confidence that they will reach their desired destination.

The latest version of Opal Travel also includes a ‘Recommended Update’ feature. Whenever a new version of the app is released, users will be presented with a splash screen that directs the user to visit the Play Store or App Store and update their app to the latest version. This feature removes the need to support and manage multiple versions of the app and associated data, meaning that Transport for New South Wales are able to ensure that all users are receiving the most up-to-date information available and can continue to more easily provide users with an ongoing, high value product.


Opal Travel revolutionises the way Transport for NSW customers manage their travel.

The latest version of Opal Travel enables customers to manage all their Opal card requirements in a single app. The new apps provide users with an easy to use and intuitive experience, as well as an incredibly useful tool that will make their life easier.

Opal Travel includes a comprehensive feature set including:

  • Scan card for balance (Android only)
  • Trip planning
  • Find retailers and get directions
  • Top up card(s)
  • Link card(s) to the app to top up and view activities
  • Trip planning
  • Notifications of upcoming stops
  • Notifications of potential disruptions to planned trips

Users can also sign-in to the app to:

  • Add cards to their profile (by manual input or by using NFC scanning on Android)
  • Activate and block card(s)
  • Top up with stored or ad hoc billing details and enable auto top up
  • Update personal and billing details
  • Personalise card order

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