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 AIMIA Award 2014

Snap Send Solve is the free app used by over 50,000 people around Australia to report issues directly to the appropriate council or service provider.

Snap Send Solve is as simple to use as its name. Users take a photo of the problem, send a report with details of the location and the problem is solved by the appropriate authority for that area. The success of Snap Send Solve is due to its simplicity and the benefits to both the general public and local service providers.

By categorising incident types and assigning them to the appropriate service provider based on the user’s location, Snap Send Solve makes reporting issues a quick and simple thing to do. It also gives many users the satisfaction of contributing to getting things fixed in their local communities. Councils and other service providers such as water authorities, also appreciate the reduction in customer service costs due to the efficiency and accuracy of the reports sent from the app.

Most importantly, Snap Send Solve creates a sense of community by making everybody responsible for solving problems in their local areas. The app is used by over 50,000 people around Australia and has an average rating of 4 stars in the App Store.

Snap Send Solve allows users to:

  • Take photos of an issue wherever they are
  • Send a report directly to the relevant authority
  • Save a draft of the report to send later
  • View their history of past reports
  • View council and other service provider information in their local area
  • Connect via social media with their local council or service providers


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