Winners of Aus App Design Awards 2015

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have picked up a total of 5 GOLD awards and 2 SILVER awards at the 2015 Aus [app] Design Awards and 2015 Melbourne Design Awards.

Our winning apps were:

AFL Live for Apple Watch
Designed to enhance the AFL experience for footy fans by providing quick, relevant information to be used at a glance. With a simple flick of the wrist, users can check match start times and live scores on their Apple Watch. It’s all about providing many, small, personal, micro-use cases around friction, seamlessness and ease.
A beautifully designed Android app that replaces a basic utility tool with a delightful and more functional mobile solution. ORPA uses near field communication (NFC) technology to allow Transport Officers to check that customers are travelling using the correct Opal card and paying the correct fare. The app interface is clean and simple, hiding complex processes from the end user, resulting in a quick and easy user experience that is both effective and delightful.

Netball Live
A world class live streaming sports app for netball fans. The app was designed to offer fans more information about the game they love than ever before, at the touch of their fingertips, demonstrating the latest thinking and implementation in native mobile design and development that makes the user experience a pleasure for all netball fans old and new.

The latest version of the Better Health Channel Android app includes a complete refresh of the user interface using Material Design conventions. The result is a more intuitive experience for users by providing context and cues that are subtle but grounded by the rules of physics, while being open to imagination and delight.


Helping overseas Filipino workers connect with their loved ones back home by bringing the traditional balikbayan box to the digital age.

The competition was fierce this year, and it’s great to see mobile design going from strength to strength in every industry, particular with new devices like the Apple Watch.

Congratulations to all the other winners, including, and Domain Group.

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