We’re on the lookout for designers to serve as guest panelists for a new design meetup in Melbourne called The Design Cycle. Our aim is to look under the hood and share knowledge with the design community around processes, tools, methods, and general experiences.

While many people talk about how great it is to come up with new product ideas, very few are honest about how difficult it can be to actually build these products.

The Design Cycle will tackle the challenges that designers face every day, sharing insights about managing client expectations, creating prototypes, building design systems, scaling teams, and many other topics.

The event will include a networking component, along with drinks and nibbles, followed by a panel discussion. The panel will feature 3 guests, and a facilitator who will ask questions and promote discussion. No research or presentations necessary!

We are interested in hearing from people from all walks – product managers, UX and UI designers, business analysts, founders, and directors. In time we will also broaden the scope of our events to include guests from other fields, such as architecture, science, art, and music, to cross-pollinate knowledge from other fields.

Your commitment will be 2 hours on a Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm. Food and drink will be provided.

To express your interest, please get in touch with Will Hurley.

Looking forward to hearing from you!