It’s been a long and exciting night at OutwareHQ with many Outwarians foregoing a peaceful night asleep to spend time together watching the Google IO keynote that just took place in San Francisco.Google IO

We are still absorbing all of the exciting new announcements that came out of the keynote, but on the surface here’s a list of the things that we’re most excited about:

  • Android M – the latest version of Android, set for release later this year has heaps of new features including Chrome custom tabs, Granular permissions and App state backup.
  • Android Studio 1.3, Polymer 1.0 and New Material Design Library – improvements to the dev tools we use on a daily basis will make our development practises more efficient
  • Inbox for Gmail – we are heavily invested using the Google ecosystem at Outware and rely on Google for Work. Inbox is a new client for Gmail that makes dealing with large volumes of email easier and more efficient.
  • New Developer Pages – a much nicer home in the Play Store for our clients apps, and the ability to do A/B testing

We will provide further updates and details as we explore all of the new goodies in the coming weeks!

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