Apple’s WWDC (world wide developer conference) is the most important event on the calendar for the iOS developer community. 

WWDC sets the tone, technology and roadmap for the year to come and is critically important for our clients because it has a direct impact on their product roadmaps. We are already talking to many of them about how today’s announcements can be leveraged to improve their customers’ user experience.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of the iOS developer community and iOS 8 is a big deal for Outware.

From a development perspective there’s a lot to be excited about. All of the high-profile apps we work on in the finance, payment, health and media space will get immediate benefit from access to features like TouchID and HealthKit.

Bjorn and Tim

Testflight integration will make it easier to distribute beta builds to our clients and Swift is an exciting step forward and our team have already begun writing code and making use of Xcode Playgrounds.

We are also proud that Outware is well represented at WWDC this year with both Mica and Bjorn in attendance. Bjorn even managed to get a selfie with Tim Cook himself!

We will have a lot more to say about iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and Swift in the coming months. We’ve also just recorded a post-WWDC podcast that will be available shortly.

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